The Committee for the Upliftment of the Mentally Ill (CUMI) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) and charitable foundation based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. In 1991, a group of concerned citizens in the Montego Bay area, spearheaded by then mayor Arthur Gilchrist, Elizabeth Hall, and Joy Crooks, saw the need for services which would provide assistance to homeless mentally ill persons in the community and enhance the delivery of mental health services in St. James. It was recognized that without provision for rehabilitative services as a follow-up to intervention and stabilization in a hospital setting, the benefits of initial care would be quickly lost with the client relapsing and reverting back to the habits of street life. Out of this concern CUMI was conceived.

Originally developed as an Adult Day Rehabilitation Center, CUMI soon added a Night Shelter. To date, approximately 1,200 persons have been served, of which 450 have completed the rehabilitation program and been placed back into the community-many gaining full or part-time employment.

Mission Statement

To reach out and advocate for the homeless mentally ill of Montego Bay (and St. James) and within the limits of resources available, attempt to improve their level of physical and mental health as well as their basic quality of life. Dedicated to restoring peace and tranquility.

In 1996, under the leadership of Joan Duncan and Elizabeth Hall, CUMI began its Children's Program. Recognizing the need for early intervention with children and youth from families suffering from mental illness and dysfunction, a program was established which provides intensive parental, counseling, and educational support for young people at risk. With primary funding from Jamaica Money Market Brokers, this program has served 32 children over the years and continues to grow.

February 2008 CUMI expanded the children programme and commenced the partnership with the Cornialdi Primary School, by providing psychological and educational intervention for children with learning disabilities. This programme, " the CUMI Children's Programme Phase II" was the vision of the late Elizabeth Hall. She desired that every child should be provided the opportunity to learn and to realize their full potential and possibilities and again Jamaica Money Market Broker's expanded their sponsorship.

In April 2003, CUMI handed over the night shelter services to the St. James Parish Council. The shelter was expanded to facilitate a wider range of night shelter services. CUMI now operates its rehabilitation services as part of a safety networking social services between the Cornwall Regional Psychiatric Department, St. James Parish Council / Poor Relief Department, Care Centre and the National Solid Waste Management which provides the working experience.

The site for CUMI was chosen near the town center, where most of the homeless population congregates (the project managers must have access to those who need services, and those in need must have access to centrally located agencies).


Your contribution will help CUMI in achieving its mission and the plight for the homeless mentally ill street people.

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